The Company

At Lisley we are a company dedicated to the importation of food and drink products, focused on incorporating the highest quality products into Uruguayan life, with the most select flavors in the world. Committed to working hand in hand with business partners who support their activities in the care of the environment as a PRIORITY, who apply sustainability policies and ensure fair working conditions for their team; which reflects our pillars of constant work as a company. We have a solid staff of professionals, always in continuous training, with the idea of ​​becoming a bridge to excellence, commitment and experience of the world into Uruguay. We offer a broad portfolio of recognized brands in the world for their quality, and we have built a diverse portfolio of clients that includes the main retail chains in the country.




We have a non-negotiable commitment to the ethical principles that regulate our conduct: integrity, independence, confidentiality and responsibility.


Respect for the person

The basis of everything, respect for the dignity and fulfillment of the rights and duties of all citizens.


Focus on the client

A company has its existence justified only as long as it is able to meet the needs of its customers.



One person can make a difference, two can enhance it, the group leads us to success.



Everything that deserves to be done, deserves to be done well.


Engagement with the client

We will have productive relationships based on the convergence of purposes and mutual trust.